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Senior News


Services Available to Santa Clara County Residents

Mental Health, Transportation, Financial Assistance, Meal Delivered, Senior Meals

About the Vietnamese American Service Center (VASC)

The City of San Jose has the largest Vietnamese population (100,486) of any city outside of Vietnam.

Stronger Outreach Paying Off for Seniors Eligible for Parcel Tax

An estimated 40% of seniors and homeowners with disabilities were not taking advantage of this because school districts

URJGENT Grants 2022 FAQ

A three-tiered funding opportunity from the Office of Santa Clara County Supervisor Otto Lee for local organizations that have projects that benefit the residents of Santa Clara County.

COVID-19 Resources

A comprehensive list of resources to navigate this public health crisis and the distribution of vaccinations. There are many state and local resources available to Santa Clara County residents - many available for free.

Free Influenza Test Now Included With COVID-19 Testing

Free COVID-19 testing facilities at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and
the rotating city-based sites now include a test for influenza.

Santa Clara County Restaurants Open for Takeout & Delivery

An extensive list of restaurants.


Santa Clara Co. leaders approve funding for low-income senior housing

Santa Clara County leaders have approved funding for a project to build affordable housing for low-income seniors by a 5-0 vote. They say this is just their latest step in housing 5,000 people.

Senior Safari Walkabout 2019

Visitors ages 50 and up are invited to take over San Jose’s iconic Happy Hollow Park & Zoo! Get fresh air and exercise as you enjoy free admission, free parking, and other perks.

Affordable Housing

Supervisor Chavez was the primary architect of the groundbreaking $950-million 2016 Measure A Affordable Housing Bond – approved by voters in November 2016 to end homelessness in Santa Clara County.

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