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What Your Donations Buy


The Benefits That Your Contributions Produce

We put your contributions to good use! Most importantly, these funds enable us to improve
the lives of hundreds of seniors in our community. Just consider some of these heart-warming
benefits we provide to our seniors:

  • They feel cared for.

  • They are happier in their lives.

  • They feel less isolated.

  • They feel more empowered.

  • They are able to maintain their homes.

  • They are able to maintain their health.

  • They are prepared for emergencies.

  • They have a reliable source of referrals.

  • They have access to pet care.

  • They are protected from elder abuse.


Transportation is the number one challenge our seniors face. So not surprisingly, free
escorted rides is the service they request the most. But the above list of amazing benefits is
the result of many vital Services and Programs that we offer at Heart of the Valley.

What Your Contributions Pay For


At Heart of the Valley we use 100% of the funds we receive to pay for the goods and services we
need to carry out our mission. In addition to paying for part time office staff, here are many of the
important items that your contributions help to provide

  • $5 buys one ream of white paper

  • $10 gets us a pack of pen

  • $15 buys 400 volunteer applications

  • $20 pays for 20 birthday cards to send to our seniors and volunteers

  • $20 pays for the monthly costs of our website

  • $25 purchases a Basic Senior Needs bag filled with day to day products

  • $30 buys a flower arrangement for an ailing or grieving senior

  • $40 supplies a Disaster Kit for a senior

  • $50 buys a gas card to be used by low income volunteers providing rides to seniors

  • $50 pays our monthly PG&E bill

  • $50 purchases stamps for a month

  • $70 gets new ink cartridges for one computer for four months

  • $75 provides 150 miles of rides for our seniors

  • $90 for six months post office box fee

  • $100 pays the rent for a month

  • $250 buys 1,000 letterhead envelopes

  • $300 provides outreach postcards for our Vehicle Donation Program for one year

  • $350 pays our telephone costs for a month

  • $400 covers the costs of our quarterly newsletter

  • $500 pays for either client, volunteer or other program brochures for one year

  • $1000 picks up our yearly insurance costs

  • $1100 finance IT support for our computers for one year

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